Thursday, September 30, 2010

p39. Life lessons for grown parents.

God teaches us a simple lesson; a parent can learn the value of life by how much they are needed by their children.

This thought occurred to me while I sat for hours, watching my baby restrained to a hospital bed after an accidental overdose of sleeping pills, alcohol and psych medication.

Oddly enough; a parent can also learn the value of life by how much they think about their children.

This thought occurred to me when realizing adults and parents have heartbreaking battles to fight of their own; they can feel bruised by hospital restraints, they are just not bound by them.


Blogger Peter said...

You've been away for awhile- it's good to see you posting again. I think you've found a wonderful way to release and connect with others.

My two are pretty normal, one starting her first professional job while the other still in school. I appreciate both your levels of awareness of need but I think not as acute as yours. I can sense my kids' anguish at times, and how real it is to them and yet feel your anguish to be deeper and unending. I really hope your blog helps.

I usually find solace in knowing others before me have endured more and that each time I go through a trial I somehow grow in patience and strength. It's also a comfort to know others care too.

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