Thursday, November 13, 2008

p36. a loss for words.

It's hard, the older my daughter gets, the more complex the situations, thus the harder it has become for me to write her journey.

Granted, many situations I have referenced previously have been complex - yet in their own unique way, they have had a nucleus of characters that are more intimate in their own experiences with Da.

As she physically moves (not impulsively), the nucleus grows and the geography changes, ultimately the mother is not there to check out the cast of characters. In my case and opinion, Sherlock Holmes is still a very necessary skill for mothers to keep in their back pockets no matter the age of the investigated.

I’m sure you have heard the old adage "you need to let them go", which is mainly used for raising kids, and, again, mainly given to the mother for valued advise, but it never gives them the logic nor logistics to deal with the issues that will undoubtedly present themselves, especially to mothers/parents/caretakers of special needs kids.

Basically, this long windbag post is trying to say, the last few months have been very odd and I’m not sure yet how to translate the events into human speak.

Know that all are well and breathing, in fact they are on their way back to our geographical area to slip into their familiar cell (I should say nucleus instead of being broad, since I my have implied the Justice Center – which is not the case).

Prayers are always welcome and pretty much needed!

Oh, and “you need to let them go”… where does it say who’s supposed to respond to the 22 text messages everyday?


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