Tuesday, August 21, 2007

p33. Hard working girl - lets move on! (Sounds like a Country song!)

Please remember you are reading the most current post, the first in the random succession of this blog is listed on the right, Sept. 13th.

Wow it has been a long time! Well it might just be simply that my mind has been running in circles about what to write.

Da finally found a job she loved, she was the day bartender for a local sport type bar – making good tips and developing a good customer base. Well it turns out she had splashed her black pants with a spot of bleach and after being told to get new pants, she did not, this led the one manager to release her of her employment. I think she is still crying about the whole thing. I was told she ripped the guy a new one and I can just imagine how nasty that must have been. This is the kind of information you wonder about... spot on the pants... hum?

Now here's a random thought brought to mind by lack of employment - did I tell you that she went without electricity for 6 months last year? I didn’t even know this. This day and age where the poor in the US have televisions, cell phones, DVD players etc., it really is surprising to see this kid who is actually financially strapped. Her benefits from the mental health court program, with the exception of her medication have pretty much run out, I really am amazed at all she deals with. Sadly after everything, I know she will not be invited to live with us.

Well back to the job situation… Like most suburban towns, ours has a main street that is a four-lane highway with every type off business you can imagine. You know the kind with 2 Starbucks with in 7 miles and repeated McDonald’s much closer. We have decided that it is Da’s goal along with her music to work her way up and down this whole street, you see with the exception of three jobs she has been employed by 12 businesses on this one thoroughfare. Unfortunately since she lost the one she truly loved she has (with in 3.5 weeks) been hired and quit 2 because she didn’t like it or as she said they didn’t give her enough hours. She still hasn't found anything, as you can guess this happened recently.

I am not really sure what the average number of jobs a person holds in the lifetime, but she certainly will be well rounded when she actually starts a chosen "career".

Ah career, the singing career – it is actually still moving along. This week Da will do one more recording, still in rough cuts, and we will go meet the next day with her mentor from Def Jam. I will finally get to ask a number of questions on how to proceed should she not fit there label, or one of the huge amounts of others that includes Def Jam. I am still amazed with her music, especially since they are still rough cuts. We are thinking that she might be asked this week to go ahead a “master” two of the tracs for submittal.

I did see a program with an eclectic group of guys from various boy bands, and they were talking about the perception that one hit song makes you rich, they said this is certainly not true – so I guess our cars might be a long time coming. Actually I am just hoping for a demo contract right now, where a label would cover the development, legalities and production of said demo.

Of course the fellow whom “My Dad’s so hot your Mom’s gonna want to meet him” is about, had a great idea, (now this is based on the fact that we have our fingers crossed that she doesn’t follow the path of a few other young ladies).

The idea…

He said “Da, why don’t you have a T-Shirt printed up that says… “I lasted longer in the big house than Paris!” and we are not talking about one of her mansions or parents hotels!

Rock on, well hip-pop on!

You can here some of the new added songs here:


Please refresh the page if you have visited before.

Oh... and she has changed the name to "The Sound of Sex", I am watching her finger nails!


Blogger Lilly said...

She's very talented. Amazingly talented, at that. I bet that you're right when you mentioned that lots of famous people are probably bi polar. You also mention Britney more than once. I don't know if she is bi polar, but I do know that she has some problems and that somebody should stand up and help her. She's not managing her life, but she has plenty of money to do so. ~Anyway, back to Amanda. I think that if she keeps singing and keeps going, she will be famous soon. I always hope so, because she could use that money in a positive way to help herself. I hope she and you continue a good relationship, as Britney's mom is "out" right now. I'm thinking that Da can always use your good sense. And you can always love her. That's a good relationship. Something to hold onto. :)

10:48 AM  
Blogger ewschott said...

Lilly, I can never tell you how much your constant support and following of this journey means to me.

I feel your sincere hope for Da, and thank you from the bottom of my heart!


10:28 PM  

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