Thursday, March 08, 2007

p32. Are you in line for your sports car yet?

These are the kind of pop-up thoughts the mother’s of bipolar children have when they are just driving around not really think about anything, these are the sad exhausting ones that are usually accompanied with a bit of normalcy.

Well I have firmly decided that nothing exists (exception - professional sport stars), with the incredible levels of people involved in one career (even just the hopeful) than those in vocal pop arts.

Between Managers, Labels, Publishers, ASCAP, Promoters, Internet, iTunes, Merchandising, Copyright, Engineers, “Beat” writers etc. and not to mention three very expensive attorneys – Contractual, Trademark/copyright and Intellectual property - that must review all above (which I hope and think the Label will consume once that happens if it does) how blessed most of us are just to have our two interviews the jobs we look into.

Let’s face it, Da has tunnel vision and the details above are overwhelming and mean nothing to her, so guess who is stuck with this! Yep, “Director Mom”, and the “My father is so hot your mother’s gonna want to meet him” guy. It’s been a real study with the help of a very dear friend who is leading us through the legal directions.

With her tunnel vision, comes this very fact, SHE IS ALREADY BRITINAY MINUS THE BALD LOOK! Fortunately, or unfortunately thinks Director Mom, she isn’t concerned with her virtue as Brittany was when first starting out – Da is just upset it wasn’t Justin Timberlake. A lot of this will take you back to her major first year in adulthood when Manic was just a 5-letter word.

She had her first club date, and she was really good. I was so proud of her I was the obnoxious mother cruising through the large club shouting, “hey that’s my daughter, isn’t she great! What do you think?” I think once they saw my earplugs and glass of wine, the “OK lady get away” look came to their faces. A few things Da failed to tell me (she did tell me it was college night) is she was opening for a popular Rap group that was pointed in a drive by shooting last year. Her manager in transition, meaning who wants to be, but we haven’t worked out the contract yet, swore to me that evening she would not be appearing with those type of groups again. He and Da coined the phrase Hip Pop© and his first direction is a few more clubs here then get her the heck out of town.

I am attaching a photo, mainly because I thought it was kind of funny that her rough “demo” is called “Broken” and check out her arm.

Anyway, her Def Jam records connection is taking the finally finished new song to the label with others to see if they can do a labeled demo, which is a step before signing, I think. Keep your fingers crossed again.

People in the public entertainment industry must be full of bipolar people; just the tenacity it would take to make it would require the extra bit of mania. You hear about some that supposedly have but it’s never confirmed, such as Robin Williams, then you really wonder about people who might have it with a sideline of a Board-Line personality disorder like Tom Cruise.

I remember the year I mentioned above when Da lost so much weight, down to a size 3, she had been working out, her hair looked great and she is already beautiful. This was the year she borrowed some guy’s car to run up the street for cigarettes and came back three days later after visiting NYC.

Then there was the time she borrowed the car to bring over her little sisters birthday gift. At this point she was driving without a license since it had been confiscated after a stolen credit card didn’t work for gas. When she pulled up, I have to tell you she looked gorgeous in this convertible with her shades on, but I also must tell you it was likely the most heartbreaking experience I have had in 21 years.

My youngest and I were standing in the yard and then zoom – three police cars with flashing lights come barreling down the street and actually do a Hollywood type of blocking her in, then handcuffing her before taking her to jail, I was crying loudly my daughter was crying silently, you know when you choke it back but the tears still roll down your face – much like I am doing now – not really sure if it’s all for Da or a lot for her sister - where is Moe?

This time the poor guy’s car was impounded, he must have been a very good friend, and I don’t know how long it took to get it back.

I do hope she is in a limousine having a driver and a manager that will really care should she make it - steering her in the right direction. If anyone becomes a star, there is still a mother crying out of joy or crying out of pain for the child.

I bet Brittany’s mom is desperately looking for a new driver.

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