Monday, January 29, 2007

p31. Once a Mother always a Director!

Well regarding the music career and life in general, Da’s certainly had a bit of everything this month.

I was thinking in the short span of 22 years, (for those of us raising a special needs kid) I have been a mother, a track star, a smooth it over politically correct neighbor. I have been a school advisor, a parental advisor, a TV advisor, a stage mother, a peace pleader, and an IEP, SBH, 504-plan specialist.

Since Da has entered young adulthood my specialties have also grown in importance. It has taken many years of experience and study with plenty of observation to carry these important titles in these later years. I have been an advocate, a person to relate with for other parents, I have become an unlicensed psychiatrist and pharmacist, not to mention social worker – over the past two years my focus went to my practice (un licensed) of mental health law, social services and state welfare which leads me too… the music business.

Hey, I sing with a church group – doesn’t that count? Granted we don’t drop the “f” bomb with the casualness of yawning amongst good friends, but we know a few things.

Da is supposed to do her first club experience in two weeks, but I must tell you what has transpired before we knew this; first she had her first upset, a development group decided not to work with her yet. They felt she needed a bit more time on developing in writing and singing… NOW, Ms. Director here would tell you it’s because she felt she had to rush and put some “hip-hop” tunes on her demo before they heard it - remember she wants to be the first white girl signed by Def Jam Records. (I’m sure I told you about when she wanted to be a little black girl and tore the carpet up to have dread locks for her hair).

She recorded these songs not only quickly, but also, not near the quality of the rough cuts on the demo link, and I’m afraid this made a big part of their discussion – hey but what do I know, I’m just a mom DIRECTOR. So we have been heated in our discussions about what songs to do in her first appearance. Granted I have not been to a club like one of these and really am blown away that there are often not even musicians, nor the fact that no one slow dances anymore, so I guess I do need to stop my arguing until I go check out the “scene”. I know nothing will bring down the house like when she sings her yet to be written “My Dad’s so Hot, you’re Mom’s gonna want to Meet Him!”

Our little hip-hop star will be hopping carefully on one hip though, not only has she had a spill that put her in a cast over her elbow, but last night she sent a door flying over her foot that sent her back to the hospital with another “stay off of it for…” She ripped off one of her nails. Ouch – I got a taste of the hip-hop today when I got a few “f” bombs and she got a few … “talk to me like that again…”

Let’s face it, I have been there for her first performances for years, the car pool for preschool were she dazzled everyone with “Oklahoma”, there was the Church festival karaoke when she was 5 and sang to the crowd “Like a Virgin”. There were the talent shows and family gatherings. There was a train ride in Toronto where she sang the score of "Phantom" for the rail car when she was 8. There was the group she sang with before the same show the following year with the New York cast. The one with just the local kids was right when she started Zyprexa, which causes huge weight gains, God love her – she came out for the final bow eating a Snickers bar. Ah, I could keep going but I am sure I have mentioned if not these, a number of others previously.

I would be lying to not say - if I haven’t already - how proud I am of her just keeping on with her music, it brings her comfort and me personally such joy.

I’ll have to admit, watching my beautiful baby up there on that stage one arm/legged with her microphone and her rap partner dropping is his “f” bombs will just make me as proud as punch. Now the old guy dancing in the middle of the room with the beer bottle on his head, you know – the one all the mom’s are gonna want to meet – we’ll just disown him that night.

Soprano’s your flat… be more mature! Sorry - old joke.


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Yay! Congratulations, Mother Director.

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