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p29. If you had to give, just one, up…

I had to repair some of the links, so please refresh your browser when you open the Demo. I am not sure if the picture will show up, she must be hiding down a tunnel or something!

For some reason, as they say in “The Sound of Music”, when God closes a door, he opens a window somewhere. This is so true of those with bipolar disorder.

Through all the pain, trials and tribulations of raising a kid like this, you seem to always look towards the end of the tunnel, or you can also look only at today. I must admit, I have always been one of the latter; it was her father that always could see through the tunnel.

I remember things like Da being such a cute kid that she modeled for a large retail store that was shot by one of the largest commercial photographers. I also remember the first job she was to do, she decided, instead of fashion she would go the “art” way. As I yelled up the stairs for her to get ready to leave, she seemed to be taking a bit of time; well actually it was way too much time. I am not talking about a teenager or even preteen, I think she was three.

So I went up to find her, and sure enough her artist abilities had the best of her and she had covered herself with a Bic pen, it was a summer shoot, we scrubbed like crazy. They called her back three or four times, her younger sisters modeled too, but I remember the youngest just pee’d in her sleeper and that was the end of their career. We still have the savings bonds, and lets face it, I was a lousy stage mom, remember, I only lived for the day – thus they never had clean shoes when the time arose.

Da was very much blessed with her aunt’s singing voice, really it is awesome – when she was younger we enrolled her in the summer accelerated class at our local university who has one of the best schools for theater. Her teacher after all had a song by Steven Sondheim that he wrote just for her. I think this was the first time I heard her formally sing. She did amuse the car pool with her rendition of “Oklahoma” on the way to preschool; amazingly she knew all the words. When she was in first grade we took her to see the “Phantom of the Opera” (which I strongly suggest you do NOT do, she was way to young), but we made a trip of it and traveled to Windsor and took a train to Toronto, it was a lovely trip, we were served an excellent meal and Da traveled up and down the aisle singing the songs she just fidgeted through.

If you close your eyes and listen to anything by Disney, you will here her, I thought she should do voice-overs for musical long animated film. While in grade school she would sing “Castle on a Cloud”, her sophomore year she sang “On my Own” and for her senior song it was “I dreamed a dream”. For some reason, I always felt what almost seemed to be a larger love for her when she was singing, I wish she would have used her tool more when she was younger, she had so many opportunities, but just didn’t take them and run. I pretty much gave up.

At the “what you would refer too as the Christmas program” that too place at the little “axe murder school”, I remember sitting in the audience listening to the students just being a bit wild since security was more lax and the teaches spread out a bit (they had two teachers for 5 kids per class, thank goodness this was covered by our local school system).

All of the sudden Da started to sing, and the place just got silent, I heard one “wow, she can sing”, I just set there crying like I always do.

After all the talk of her voice, her therapist finally took some time and went to see her when she preformed at our largest center for the arts. The therapist told me she couldn’t believe what she heard, she always heard us talk about how well she sang, but not this good. She also sat there crying, and then we both had a laugh thinking of if Da really made it, we would see her daily on the “National Enquire” as we checked out with our groceries.

Sometimes you really think the bipolar aspect of her life can take her further than most of us will try to go - she gets her mind set on something and doesn’t stop. Her “Thelma and Louise” year, she actually asked a friend if she could borrow their car – you know like she was running up to get some milk – well she came back a few days later ‘cause she needed to run up to NYC and visit some producer.

I think Brittany Spears kind of influenced her reality. She thought she became this huge star overnight. I keep trying to tell her how hard these kids had worked to get to these places, but no, she was just going to do it. Well I would like you all to say your prayers, because, well she just might have.

She met again with producers and they are taking her to the “label” in NYC after she completes 5 more songs on her demo, she not only has performed on these but also wrote them. I am so proud of her, but her father will have to go with her – the diva, pre performing/meeting nerves drive me crazy, and I want to get out the Bic pen and just color!

My therapist (all mom’s of special needs kids could benefit with someone to talk to, too) in all his wisdom looked at me one day and said…”if you had to choose, what would it be, no singing or bipolar disorder?” To this day, I still can’t answer.

Please have a listen, and remember these are the rough cuts.



Blogger Lilly said...

She's amazing! Just amazing! I would buy her album. :) My daughter thinks she's awesome, too! ..... Missing you.

8:31 PM  
Blogger ewschott said...

Hey Lilly ;)

I am missing you guys too! Are you still there?

Send me the contact information if possible - I have lost everything!

Thanks from me and Da! Extra good news today, but I can't share yet!

11:34 PM  
Blogger Lilly said...

Yep, we're still there. And we miss you. :) I can't wait until you are able to share your great news! :D

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Beth - Sharon (lilly) led us here to see what you and Amanda have been up to. The demo is great! Good luck to both of you. Have you considered "Am. Idol?" Or...maybe not, all things considered. Too corny, too mean. We'll keep you in our thoughts, as well as your retirement.

Francie from TRT

12:05 PM  

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